Robyn Kade MBMS

Holistic Group Fitness Instructors Are Needed Now More Than Ever!

What's discussed in this Free Course Preview:

Section1 - Welcome to the Course!

Section 2 - Stress Around The World

Section 3 - What Is Stress?

Section 4 - Group Fitness and the 21st Century

Section 5 - Anatomy, Physiology and Brainwaves

Section 6 - Chronic Disease Self - Management

Section 7 - Health Behavior and The Group Fitness Setting

Section 8 - Chronic Disease Self - Management Techniques

Section 9 - Somatic Movement Classes

Stress Management is more important than ever! According to the Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals, chronic stress, if left untreated, can lead to health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, weakened immune system, increased risk of infertility, depression, anxiety, pain, muscle tension, and many other health conditions.

Enroll in this FREE E-Course Preview and learn how you can help your clients to address their stress and reduce their risk for developing these chronic diseases and get better results!

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Holistic Group Fitness Instructor
Free Preview

Holistic Group Fitness Instructors can work within the Fitness Community to help decrease the risk of illness due to chronic stress.

Today, 77% of individuals are feeling the physical and emotional effects of stress and it is one the top reasons for visits to the doctors office.

Stress can cause physiological changes in the body, which in turn, may impede your clients from reaching their goals such as weight loss (especially around the mid-section), overall health and life-balance.

In this Free E-Course Preview you will learn about stress and the mind/body connection, and take away some techniques that you can incorporate into your individual or group practice. Take a step to Become a Mind/Body Medicine Specialist, Holistic Group Fitness Instructor or Holistic Stress Management Consultant and help your clients reduce their stress and reach their goals!

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